Dalmatian Club of Southern California
                                                                                              64 years 1949 - 2013

Welcome to the DCSC Website

The Dalmatian Club of Southern California, Inc. is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation.  It’s purpose is:

  1. To promote and advance the breeding of pure bred Dalmatians and dissemination of knowledge regarding Dalmatians.

  2. To develop and bring to perfection their normal high qualities.

  3. To encourage and foster dog shows, matches and exhibitions under the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club.

  4. To Protect the interest of the Dalmatian breed and the Dalmatian owner.

  5. To promote and sponsor educational events and individual support to help the new or troubled Dal owner to keep their Dal family member instead of turning them over to a rescue organization.

Meetings of the club are held bimonthly.

Guests are welcome.

Club Officers and Board of Directors

President - Walt Freshour
Vice President - Connie Brown
Treasurer - Carrie Jordan
Corresponding Secretary - Mary Widder
Recording Secretary - Suzi Wahl

Board of Directors
Diane Bartholomew
Cecilia Forbes
Carol Haywood
Kurt Wickboldt

Club Meetings


Angeles Crest Dog Show

Stay tuned for details

JANUARY 4, 2014

BOARD MEETING - 45 minutes following Dalmatian Judging (Judge time is 9:25am in Ring 21)

GENERAL MEETING to follow the Board Meeting

Location:  Empire Polo Club

    Avenue 51 and Monroe, Indio, CA



    1. Welcome the New Officers and BODs

    2. Approve the minutes of the Dec 8, 2013 Gen Membership and Annual Meetings

    3. Present proposed 2014 meeting calendar

    4. Present proposed changes to Standing Rule #28

    5. Specialty Updates

            * Judges slate

            * Committees

    6. Discuss ways to improve the Trophy Fund

    7. To conduct any other business that comes before the membership


Sunday, October 6 at 11:30am


Location: Home of Suzi Wahl, Orange, CA

    Please bring a snack to share.


       1. Nomination Committee will present the   2014 slate of Officers and BOD.

        2. Nominations from the floor for 2014 Officers and BOD

JUNE 2013

Saturday, June 29 - After Speciality Purpose


    Queen Mary Events Park, Long Beach

    1126 Queens Highway

    Long Beach, CA 90802

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